Once there was a stranger from a far-off land who led his people from place to place seeking the meaning of life. He went scouting ahead, searching through deserted towns and desolate landscapes, rifling through other people’s symbols and signs. He tried on this and that to see what would fit but he realized that none of these things were precious to him. He longed for his far-off home. So from the things he brought with him, the rags, the remnants, the torn books and weariness, he assembled pieces of this and that to form an ethic of cohesiveness, of respect, of exultation. He called it God and he brought it to his people and they were pleased, not realizing that what they now had was what they always had, but in other wrappings.
There are similar underlying messages in all human belief systems. They use elemental principals of recurring myths and archetypes, universal symbols and signs. My work is based on such motifs: the primal sound, the heroic journey, the promised land, the Diaspora. I depict sound or light energy traveling through cosmic space where bright colors collide causing breaks and dissonance - barriers to peace and unity. These are manifestations of spiritual power, creation and destruction, serenity and conflict, displacement and loss. I begin my work with a general sketch. I then rework it on the computer using Photoshop to adjust placement and color, sometimes removing pieces or adding collage or overlayers. Next, I scale up the composition onto the canvas and start painting. I prefer oil paint but also experiment by putting on underlayers of acrylic or overlayers of pencil and pastel. I know the piece is done only when I feel that it has taken on a life of its own.
Currently lives and works on Long Island, New York Education: Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY Parsons School of Design, New York, NY Online Gallery Representation: SaatchiArt.com Artslant.com
Exhibitions, Juried Shows Art League of Long Island . "It's All About the Light" July 7- August 3, 2018 NAWA: ABSTRACT: The Space Between, June 1- August 3, 2018 National Women’s Association of Art 128th Annual Members Exhibition 2017 NAWA Rise Up! 2017 Exhibition at the Mansion at Strathmore, Bethesda, MD The Graphic Eye, Port Washington, NY with Kitty Archie and Mara Szaladja The Graphic Eye, Port Washington, NY Artists Invite Artists Allied Arts of America at the National Arts Club, Manhattan, NY Nassau County Museum of Art, Roslyn, NY Meridian Gallery, Sea Cliff, NY Gallery of Art, Adelphi University, NY
Contributor to: Women’s Business Expo Art Exhibit, Orlando, FL Commissions: B’nai Israel Reform Synagogue, Oakdale, NY Wall Piece for Lobby Hawaiian Airlines Promotional Posters Engle School of Music, Winter Park, FL Member: NAWA 2015- Present In private collections across the U. S. and the United Kingdom